“Sonia Brooks and Moozic Lady Productions presents…
Sonia Brooks "The Moozic Lady" Tap-n-Shake

A rhythm training method
which enhances development
in the young child

Sonia Brooks,  “The Moozic Lady”

serves the Asheville, NC area offering you children’s music for any occasion!  Rhythm sticks and shakers are provided for each child at any event.
 Join in the fun while experiencing the wonderful benefits of rhythm training and interactive folk music!

Tap-n-Shake is ideal for: Children Tapping A Rhythm
  • preschools
  • daycares
  • homeschool 
  • festivals
  • birthdays
  • libraries
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“Ms. Brooks is as real as they get, and has complete control of the audience. Children weren’t overwhelmed or scared, which happens at some of the flashier shows.”   Jesse Figuera, Pack Place Library, Asheville, NC

“Ms. Sonia’s gift of music is an essential part of our early education program. The value of connecting young children with music is limitless; it positively affects growth and learning experiences in so many ways!” Susan Schneider, Creative Village, Asheville, NC

“The Moozic Lady has entertained us for twelve years with her energetic, innovative, interactive program for our preschoolers.” Madeline Mosely, North Asheville Preschool